Back Up Data Mi MIX

Here you can easily learn How to Backup your Mi MIX Android mobile data. You don’t need any PC or Software to back up your phone data.

You just need an internet connection to back up your data like photos, apps, and contacts etc.


You must Backup your Device data to prevent data loss.



Google Back Up Data Mi MIX

  • First, Open Settings app on your mobile.
  • Then, Select Additional Settings under System and Device.
  • Next, Select Backup & reset option.
  • Or Directly search Backup option from the search box.

  • Now you are in the Backup & reset menu.

Mi MIX Backup & reset

  • Under Google Backup & Reset, Turn on Back up my data option.

Mi MIX turn on backups

  • Then, Add your Gmail in Backup account.
  • Then, Tap on Google account.
  • Next, Click on Backup now button.

Mi MIX backup now

  • You are successfully backup your data.


You can also restore your backups when you reinstall that app in another mobile by Turning on the Automatic Restore option.



MI Cloud Backup Mi MIX

  • First, Click on Backup settings under MI cloud backup.
  • Then, Add your Mi account.
  • If you don’t have Mi account, Just create the new account.

Mi account sign in pop up

  • After that, Login with mobile number and password.

Mi account Log in

  • Then, click on continue.

Mi cloud continue

  • Finally, Tap on Back Up now button.

Mi cloud backup

  • Then, Turn on Automatic backups option to backup data automatically.



Local Backup Mi MIX

You can also backup your data on your mobile device also. Just click on the local backup option. Then tap on Back up button.

Mi local backup button


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