Reboot Mi Note 2

If your Mi Note 2 Android phone not working properly or acting strangely, You must Reboot your Xiaomi Android mobile. Here is the complete guide about How to Reboot Mi Note 2.


Reboot in the process of Turn off and then turn on any electronic device. It will not erase any device data.


If you reboot your Mi Note 2 mobile device, All running apps will be closed and Your phone will be restarted.


Mi Note 2 Reboot

Method 1

  • Press and hold the Power button for a while.
  • Release the power button when you see options.
  • Select Reboot option now.
  • Wait for a while, Your device will be rebooted successfully.


Method 2

  • First, Switch off your Mi Note 2 mobile.
  • Then, Press and Hold Volume down and Power Button for a while.
  • Next, Release all buttons when you MI logo.
  • Now, You are in the Recovery mode.
  • After that, Select Reboot to system.

Common Reboot system now

  • Wait for a while, Your device will be rebooted.


Note: Use volume buttons to select options and Power button to confirm it.



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