Recovery Mode Redmi 4X

If your Android phone not working properly or acting strangely, You must enter into Recovery Mode. Here is the complete guide about Redmi 4X Recovery Mode.


Recovery Mode is the lightweight runtime environment and Independent. It is located in the separate portion from the main Android operating system.



What Can Do with Recovery Mode?

With Recovery Mode, you can do the number of performances. Here you can see options in Redmi 4X Recovery Mode.

  • Reboot
  • Wipe Data
  • Connect with MIAssistant
 Option  Description
Reboot  This option will reboot your Redmi 4X device.
Wipe Data  This option will Reset or format your Redmi 4X Android Device.
Connect with MIAssistant  This option connect to your device Mi Assistant.



Enter into Recovery Mode – Redmi 4X

  • First, Switch off your Redmi 4X mobile.
  • Then, Press and Hold Volume up and Power Button for a while.
  • Next, Release all buttons when you MI logo.
  • Now, You are in the Recovery mode.

Note: Use volume buttons to select options and Power button to confirm it.



Exit recovery Mode – Redmi 4X

You can easily exit from Recovery mode. Just select option Reboot from the recovery mode. After a few seconds, Your Redmi 4X Android device will be restarted.


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